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NO CAS.: 79-14-1
Estado de Disponibilidad:

Glycolic Acid

Descripción del producto

Product Name

Glycolic acid



Molecular Formula


Structural Formula


Molecular Weight



Clear to Light Amber

Total acid


Formic Acid


Chloride as Cl


ROI(Residue on Ignition)


Diglycolic Acid



1.     Chemical cleaning: 70% solution of glycolic acid is mainly used as cleaning agent. The mixed acid of 2% glycolic acid and 1% formic acid is a cleaning agent with high efficiency and low cost, and can be used as the main cleaning material for air conditioning, boiler, power plant transmission pipeline, condenser, heat exchanger, etc. 2. Biodegradable materials: widely used in the preparation of implantable sustained-release drug systems, implantable repair devices, bioabsorbable surgical sutures, artificial bone and organ materials, etc., which have great development prospects. Polylactic acid and polyglycolic acid have become the focus of development in the field of new materials. 3. Bactericide: Because of the special structure of hydroxy and carboxyl groups, glycolic acid can form hydrophilic chelates with metal cations through coordination bonds, so it has obvious inhibition on the growth of iron-oxidizing bacteria, can be used as a bactericide, and can also be used as an inhibitor in a variety of ore flotation. 4. Daily chemicals: 99% glycolic acid is a good drug for removing dead skin and hair. It can synthesize the raw material of anti-aging and whitening cosmetics, which can moisturize, moisturize and promote skin regeneration. The molecular weight of glycolic acid is very small. It can effectively penetrate skin pores and solve skin aging, wrinkles, black spots, acne and other problems in a short time. Therefore, it is unanimously respected by the medical beauty industry. 5. Electroplating surface treatment: Glycolic acid can also be used in the electroplating industry. Sodium glycolate and potassium salt can be used as electroplating additives, and also as green chemical raw materials for electroplating grinding, metal pickling, leather dyeing and tanning preparations. Glycolic acid is also a complexing agent for electroless nickel plating. It has the advantages of corrosion resistance, fast reaction and good finish. It is the best raw material for improving the quality of electroless nickel plating. In addition, glycolic acid can be used in the textile industry as a crosslinking coupling agent for dyeing and finishing wool fibers and cellulose fabrics or as a crosslinking catalyst for fabrics containing carboxyl groups; It can also be used as an ingredient for adhesives, petroleum demulsifiers, welding agents and coatings, and to synthesize a variety of pharmaceuticals, pesticides and chemical additives.

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